FAILURE – A misunderstood world!

“You are a failure!”

How often have you heard this? Probably some of us many times and some perhaps seldom. Does it make you feel depressed, alone and give a odd one out feeling. The word FAILURE is so strong that it may instantly deprive you of your normalcy mindset. In my own life, I have heard many times – sometimes from friends, some times from parents & sometimes from within my own voice. The most dangerous is when we hear it from our own voice. All others are external factors. You are compared to a benchmark and then measured against it. Parents & teachers do it more often than anyone else. But if we look at it carefully, we absorb the same in different ways at different age and levels. As the time progressed, our reaction to it changes and we believe that failure is a part of life. Some of us are still struggling to understand the positive vibration of it till now.

Long back when I was a kid, I read in one of the monthly edition of READERS DIGEST that my father had subscribed which is instilled in my mind forever. I don’t remember about the writer but it goes something like this – “No No No No No…, the more number of No’s you hear, the more closer you are to Yes!”.It is so simple but so deeply thought words! It changed my life forever. If we think more deeply and can correlate that if you are hearing “No” word constantly inspite of you having the right intention then perhaps you are getting a feel of failure repeatedly but not realising that we are closer to “Yes”.

Think of the great scientist like Thomas Edison or Stephen Hawkins, innovators like Steve Jobs, freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi / Bhagat Singh, sports person like Milkha Singh / Muhamad Ali, etc. What would have happened if they would have given up after 1 or 2 or 3 failures, then perhaps we would have never witnessed greatness and the impossible things they had believed and dreamed in their life.

Lets see why Failure is so much misunderstood. It is the way, FAILURE is perceived and reciprocated by an individual. I believe that once you fail then you are an inch closer to Success. People take failure as a point where they are no good for themselves and the loved ones. This is where your own voice can come to your rescue. If you believe that failure is a point to stop then you have lost your path but if you think that you have learnt something worthwhile from this failure then it serves as a catalyst for your growth.

Remember it never ends until you stop!

There is lot of news now-a-days regarding “ALS Ice bucket Challenge”. Everyone must have seen it in all forms of media. But are we aware of what is it actually referred to and why ALS? ALS refers to “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death.” – referred from The famous scientist of our time – Stephen Hawkins has been diagnosed with this disease when he was doing his PhD from Cambridge University. He was only given 2 years to live at that time. But he has survived with it till now, where he is 71 years old. In the initial years he  was scared that he will not be able to complete his PhD. But he struggled and fought his life battle and published something astonishing – A Brief History of time. He failed many times and to add up his pain, his body was against it but he fought and he gave the world something to ponder for the rest of time. He is now only using his cheek muscle to interact with the world. Leave aside the technology but think about the perseverance and determination with which he has survived. Hasn’t he failed?

There are numerous examples of such failure stories who rose above it and achieved some impossible feats. People with strong mind and patience achieve super human stage.

Failure sounds cruel but it can be a life changing event for everyone. If the Failure is accepted with grace & humanity and reworked using correct path and pattern, nothing is impossible!

Failure can be devastating but it can be inspirational and it is the way we perceive it. Everyone has failed in their life including GOD (as in failing to understand women! 🙂 just kidding). As a kid we failed to understand our parents, mathematics, Science; As a youngster we failed to get good marks, get good girl friends / boyfriends,etc.; As a man we failed to understand our duty to our nation, parents, spouse, brothers/sisters, etc. So we can see that we keep on failing in life in different forms, at different levels, at different scenarios. But we always overcame it, for some we had to fight hard and for some we just sailed through it.

Today, as I write this, I am able to recollect all my major failures in life and I am trying to do a retrospective analysis. Now I think if I would have done that in a different way then perhaps the result would have been different. I am only trying to help myself and in process others to understand the importance of FAILURE and get the desired result!

As the famous saying goes “Failure is stepping stone to success”, so be a champ and achieve the impossible!

Remember – “FAILURE is getting you an INCH closer to success and your next failure might be your success”

If you feel that no one has failed more than you and all this are ridiculous then please have a look at the below link and think:


With Love & loads of success,

Biren Patnaik



4 thoughts on “FAILURE – A misunderstood world!

  1. Success is a relative term. Its brings so many relatives (  )
    Life is never about getting good marks, getting number of degrees and wondering what to do with it.
    Parents pressure, peer pressure we forget ourselves and one day we totally don’t know what to do.
    It’s very essential to understand that we don’t owe explanation to anyone but our conscience and God (that to if we meet). If we are happy and smiling at the end of the day we are successful. If we get up next morning and still smiling definitely we are not FAILUREs.
    Shit happens and entire mankind make regrettable mistakes..But why do we have to blame ourselves and hurt our hearts. No matter how rich we become we can never buy our why worry..Learn and move on.
    Keep on writing lovely articles and makes your friends, family and fans brain work.
    Good luck.

  2. Wow Gayatri you gave a new path to me to think!

    I am so happy that you read and commented with your views. I absolutely agree that at the end if we are happy then we are not a failure. As you said success is relative term, failure too can be subjective. It’s implication relies on the way it is perceived and enacted.

    Thanks again Gayatri! Glad to receive your valuable insights. 🙂

    Good luck to you too!

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